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School Parent Compact 3-5 10/10/2018
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What is a School-Home Compact?


A School-Parent Compact is an agreement that families, students, and teachers develop together. It explains how families and teachers will work together to make sure all students reach grade level standards.


Effective Compacts:

·        Link goals to the School Improvement Plan

·        Focus on student learning skills

·        Describe how teachers will help students develop skills using high-quality instruction

·        Share strategies families can use at home

·        Explain how teachers and families will communicate about student progress



Building Partnerships


Grade Level Family Nights!


Each grade level at Niota Elementary has a family night where students, parents and teachers come together to get to know each other, play games, etc.


Detailed information about each grade level event will be sent home closer to the event date.


We encourage you to come get to know other parents and be in the school with your child!








3rd-5th Grade Focus for Student Success


Jointly Developed


The families, students, and staff of Niota Elementary School developed this School-Parent Compact. Teachers suggested home learning strategies, families added ideas to make them more specific, and students told us what would help them learn. Meetings and events are held each year to review the compact and make changes based on student needs.


Families are welcome to contribute comments and suggestions at any time.


If you would like to volunteer, participate, and/or observe in the classroom please contact Laura Carr at or 423-568-2247.



Communication About Student Learning

Niota Elementary School is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about student’s learning. Some of the ways you can expect us to reach you are:

·        Weekly homework folders

·        Weekly classroom newsletters by email

·        Updates on the school website and current grades in ParentVUE

·        Parent-Teacher conferences in October

·        Monthly schoolwide newsletters sent home with students

Do you have questions about your child’s progress?

Contact your child’s teacher by phone (423-568-2247) or email. Email addresses are listed on the school website at





Our Goals for Student Achievement

Teachers, Families, Students – Together for Success

School Goals


Niota Elementary administrators and teachers have studied our student achievement data to determine the most important areas for improvement for our school.


     Attendance- To reduce the percentage of

     students chronically absent from 16% to at or

     below 14%, our school will:

·        Recognize students for monthly attendance. These students and their parents will be invited to the 9 week PTO meeting so they can be recognized with a certificate.

·        3 day attendance letters will be mailed

·        Daily phone calls to absent students

·        Students will be recognized at the end of year awards for Perfect and Exemplary (3 days or less) attendance.


Behavior- To reduce the percentage of student discipline referrals by 50% , our school will:

·        Continue to utilize our positive behavior house system

·        Provide interventions for students such as check-in/check-out and small groups


     Math- To increase growth percentage from

     Fall to Spring of proficient students from 13% to

     20% our school will:

·        Implement a new RTI Math Interventionist

·        Have scheduled RTI blocks build into the schedule

·        Increase the amount of math tasks

·        Offer after school opportunities to gain additional Math support



**TN State Law for Attendance:

·         After 5 unexcused absences, families must meet with school administrator to develop an attendance plan.

·         After the 6th unexcused absence, families must meet with the school counselor for in school or out of school counseling assistance.

·         After the 7th unexcused absence families will be referred to truancy board.

·         Any additional absences will result in a referral to truancy court.


In the Classroom


The 3rd-5th Grade classrooms will work with students and families to support students’ success in attendance, behavior and academics. Some of our key connections with families will be:


·        Weekly communication with parents via emails

·        Parent contact after 2 absences to offer assistance to parents, if needed

·        Grade level family nights





At Home


Niota Elementary School families joined staff to develop ideas about how families can support students’ success in attendance, behavior and reading. Families may have other ideas to add to this list.


·        Set a bedtime for my child/children

·        Set an alarm for my child/children to catch the bus

·        Plan for a relative or emergency contact to get students to school if they miss the bus

·        Try to attend Family Fun Nights or get information from my child’s teachers if we can’t attend

·        Look for the class newsletter each week and check out the school’s website:

·        Check out the Student and Parent Resources tab on our website for educational games to use with your child at home

·        Read with your child at home

·        Ask about what your children are learning in class



Niota Elementary School students joined staff and families to develop ideas about how they can succeed in school and reach for the stars in attendance, behavior and academics. Students thought of the following ideas to make connections between learning at home and school:


·        Talk with my family about the importance of being at school on time every day, and about how important it is to practice the academic skills taught during school at home

·        Bring home important information from school and invitations for Grade Level Family Events


When teachers, students and families work together, we CAN achieve our goals!