8th grade prom pictures can be accessed with the link sent via Remind app and in 8th grade student emails. The 3rd grade appeal link is now working. Please email tblevins@mcminnschools.com if you have any issues using the link. Summer office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-2:00. Please call ahead to be sure someone is available to assist you. Summer Camp begins Monday, June 5, for students who are already registered. We are getting roof repair/replacement. Please be mindful of workers and equipment as you enter and leave the parking areas.
1 day ago, Teresa Blevins
I have so greatly enjoyed returning home to Niota for the last 3 years to be a Wildcat. It has been a blessing to work with your children, the faculty and staff, and this amazing community. My role in serving McMinn County Schools will change beginning July 1, 2023. I will serve all schools as the PK-2 Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor. I am so proud of the healing and growth of this school. I am greatly appreciative of the community support we have had. There are still many, many great things yet to come for this school and community. I truly believe that and look forward to being a supportive part of that in my new capacity. I will keep you updated once a new principal has been selected. Be good, be kind, GO WILDCATS!!!--Teresa Blevins
8 days ago, Teresa Blevins
Happy Friday, Wildcats! We have early dismissal today at 10:30. Buses will run. Grade cards will NOT be distributed early. If students are absent or picked up prior to 10:30, they may pick up grade cards on Tuesday or Wednesday 8:00-3:00. All library books or fines for lost and damaged school property must be paid prior to getting a grade card. We will sell ice cream today while supplies last. Summer office hours are 8:00-2:00 Monday-Friday. Please call ahead at (423) 568-2247 to ensure someone will be available to assist you. Have a great Summer!!!
8 days ago, Teresa Blevins
Reminders for May 22-26: Monday: 9:00-11:00 8th grade graduation 1:30-2:30 K celebration 6:00-8:00 8th grade prom Tuesday: 8:30-9:30 6th-7th awards 9:45-11:00 3rd-5th awards 11:15-12:30 1st-2nd awards Teachers will notify you if your child is receiving an award. Wednesday: 1:00-2:00 PK celebration 8:30-2:00 3rd grade re-test as needed Thursday: 8:30-2:00 3rd grade re-test as needed Friday: 8:30 2023 McMinn and Central Graduated Seniors who are Niota Alumni will walk the halls 10:30 Grade cards and early dismissal. Buses will run. Grade cards will not be distributed early. We will take attendance every day for every grade level.
13 days ago, Teresa Blevins
Niota Elementary School received 3rd grade achievement scores over the weekend. We will begin notifying 3rd grade parents of their child's status on Monday, May 22 after 11:00 AM by phone and/or letter. We will also send a notification letter home in your child's backpack. If your child met or exceeded 3rd grade expectations, no further action is required. If your child scored approaching and a 40% or above on Spring Benchmark, you may appeal using https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=vUUkRyQkj064UN90iOGLSge9ryQQXmhMvveNN88fYupUQzM4UlpOUjRFNUI1QjhMNlQ3TVRJNzk2TC4u&mc_cid=0d4a55555b&mc_eid=3241d4d20f&mc_cid=cb38782b4b&mc_eid=3241d4d20f. The other options are also available at this link and will be discussed with you by a school representative. Please check your child's backpack Monday afternoon for further information.
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Please join us as we support Mental Health Awareness month. See the dress up day schedule for this week.
20 days ago, Teresa Blevins
MHA month dress days
6th-8th Girls’ Soccer tryouts will be May 22nd from 3:45 to 5:15, at McMinn Soccer Complex. They will play in the
29 days ago, Teresa Blevins
May 26,2023 at 8:30 AM Graduating Seniors who went to Niota are invited to walk the halls.
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
senior walk 2023
Reminder: Handbook p. 4 • Once dismissal starts in the afternoon, we ask that parents stay in their vehicles and follow proper student-pick up procedures to promote a safe environment for all. • For the safety of your child(ren), no students are to be picked up from the front foyer during dismissal time. If you would like to pick your child(ren) up in the front office, please do so after 3:15; the office staff will be happy to assist you in calling your child to the front. • Parents picking up their child(ren) prior to the beginning of dismissal time should do so through the office. Please be aware that checking your child(ren) out before appropriate dismissal time will constitute a tardy. Excessive tardies are detrimental to student learning and accumulate to create absences. Please do not pick your child up early unless it is unavoidable. *Please be supportive as we re-establish these procedures. We have tried to accommodate this year but now need everyone to go through parent pickup or wait until 3:15 for your child to be called to the office. We will only call prior to that if an appointment card is presented. We apologize for the inconvenience caused with this today.
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
May events: May1-5: Cheer tryouts for rising 6-8 graders May 4@ 5:00: Girls' Club celebration in the cafeteria for grades 2-5 members and family May 5: ALL day testing and fundraiser celebration. Your child needs to bring a towel. Your child may bring a nerf toy that is approved by SRO Ashley during morning drop off. Write his/her name on it. It must be carried in a clear bag. Concessions will be sold, and mini-melt pre-order forms will be sent home. May 8: Great Grade Swap- All students will get to spend the day with the teachers and schedule of the next grade level. They will receive supply lists for next year and get a preview of expectations for next year. May 10: Field test for grades 3-8 Grade 5 Big Kids Do Science at MCHS May 11: Academic Olympics 5:00-7:00 Science and History Museum night- We will have several guest speakers, student work displays, and hands-on activities. 1st grade Muse Theater May 12: 8:00 EG Fisher presents summer programs K to the movies May 15: Attendance ice cream party for students who met attendance goals. AR celebration with movie and popcorn for students who met AR goals. May 16: 5th&6th to Top Golf Attendance movie for students who met attendance goals 6:00 at MCHS Academic Olympic Awards May 17: 3rd grade to the Railroad Attendance pizza party for students who made attendance goals. May 18: Athletics trip to Top Golf and Defy May 19: 2nd grade to the Aquarium 8th grade to the park 7th grade to Main event May 22: 9:00-11:00 8th grade graduation 1:30-2:30 K celebration 6:00-8:00 8th grade prom May 23: Awards day grades 1-7 8:30-9:30 6th&7th 9:45-11:00 3rd-5th 11:15-12:30 1st-2nd Teachers will notify you if your child is getting an award this day. May 24: 8th grade trip 1:00 PK celebration in the gym May 25: 8th grade trip May 26: 8:30 Graduating Senior Alumni of Niota are invited to walk the halls. Early dismissal at 10:30. Buses will run. There are many great things planned for May! Go Wildcats!!!
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
Niota Boys' basketball tryouts: Monday and Tuesday, May 8-9 3:45-5:00 Niota Gym Must stay both days Bring water and appropriate shoes and clothing Middle School Tennis Tryouts: May 25 3:45-5:00 McMinn High courts bring racquet if they have one tennis shoes water upcoming 6-8 graders girls and boys
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
Community News: East Niota Baptist Church announces Terrific Tuesdays and VBS
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
ENBC summer
Join us on May 11 for our Science and History night from 5:00-7:00 PM. We will have special guest speakers, student work displayed, hands-on activities, and more.
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
May 11 science and history night
Please use this link if your child is interested in participating in McMinn Middle School Football: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=TNQDuK5AeUOrd-uBo78RGyivL_H19FNBjb0mGzHzIb9UOVpCV00zSFBXMlc4Nlc2WUs0UDVMVjk2WS4u The Coach is Mr. Taylor Shultz.
about 1 month ago, Teresa Blevins
middle school football
Bus 20 is running a little late this morning please be patient. Students will be able to eat breakfast when they get to school. We will not begin testing until bus 20 arrives.
about 2 months ago, Teresa Blevins
Please see the attached information for sports:
2 months ago, Teresa Blevins
cheerleading tryouts in May
Football info
3/31/23 Bus 20 is running behind this morning. Please be patient. Students may still get breakfast when they arrive at school. Happy Update: Bus 20 has arrived at school, and students are on time for breakfast and class.
2 months ago, Teresa Blevins
Wildcat activities: March 21-31 PTO coin drive: The class that brings in the most change to support PTO activities for the school will get a donut party. March 23 Won't you be my neighbor? Wear blue and red for Mr. Rogers kindness day. March 23-31 Book Fair and an opportunity to donate a book from book fair for the McMinn/Monroe Isaiah 117 house. The person who donates the most books will get a free book from the fair, and the class that donates the most will get extra 30 minutes of recess. March 23 from 5:00-7:00 Family Reading night and book fair. Our PTO will also sell concessions and have a brief meeting to vote on the purchase of a slushy machine with PTO funds. March 24 Grade cards go home!
2 months ago, Teresa Blevins
Mr Rogers
Books for Isaiah House
PTO coin drive
Calling all PK and K children!!! Begin your adventure at Niota with registration on April 4, 2023.
2 months ago, Teresa Blevins
registration April 4
We CAN take yearbook orders until March 24th. Order soon to get your copy of 2022-2023 memories. Spring Break is March 13-17. No School! Book Fair is March 23-31. Family Reading night is March 23 from 5:00-7:00. The book fair will be open. We will continue some Seuss themed reading fun. Come out and enjoy a good book with us. PTO will have a short meeting in the gym and will sell concessions. More details to come...
3 months ago, Teresa Blevins